Beginner Hockey Video Tips

NHL.Com Inside The Game Video Tips

If you’re just learning to play Ice Hockey, or looking for a refresher on some of the basic skills, check out these short video clips from Tampa Bay Lightning assistant coach, Mike Sullivan.

These 4 clips are part of the NHL.com Learning centre called Inside The Game. Unfortunately, you have to watch a lengthy intro before each clip and there’s no rewind control, just pause. Still worth it though.

Hockey Tips from Mike Sullivan

Pass Receiving
Receive a pass with your hands out front to cushion the puck.

Puck Protection
Keep your body between the player trying to check you and the puck.
Turn the opposite direction from where you feel the pressure.

Puck Control 1
Don’t handle the puck too close to your body. It will force you to keep your head down.

Puck Control 2
Roll Your wrists to cup the cup on your stick, so the puck doesn’t roll off your blade.

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