Hockey Power Skating Drills

Hockey Power Skating Drills

Taking a Power Skating class is the best way I know to improve your skating and improve your game. If your new to hockey and looking for a power skating drill you can practice on your own, sculling is a great place to start.

This sculling drill will help you increase the power of your stride and help you skate faster with more control.

Start this drill by getting low into a hockey stance, dig in with your heels, and push all the way out for a full leg extension, then bring your feet back together directly under your body. Extend your leg without lifting your skate off the ice.

You can practice this drill forwards or backwards. When you are moving forward, the weight should be on the heel of your skate, when skating backwards, the weight should be on your toe.

You can also practice this drill by skating around a face-off circle. Keep your inner skate on the edge of the circle and pump with your outside leg.

Be sure to keep your upper body at a consistent level, as opposed to bobbing up and down as you skate.

Here's a great example of this power skating drill from M2 Hockey:

Power Skating - Skulling Drill from HockeyShare on Vimeo.

For more power skating videos, check out the Hockey Tips Youtube Channel.